Yet another man.

Hi, I am @gatijjain (Gatij, Jain), a software developer & an algorithimist. I am currently student of pre-final year in IIIT Gwalior.

I love to solve coding questions,puzzles and real life problems with use of technologies. I fill soduko on daily basis. Beside that I spent my time by reading about new techologies,current affairs and astronomy.

“Ambitious + Comptetive + Coder” these three words explain the most out of me.

Qualities I have

  • Quick Learner who like to solve problems with new technologies and code.
  • Team Player and having experience for working in coordination within dead lines.
  • And I think it is important to listen others and support their ideas if they make sense.
  • write humourus poetry

Reasearch Interests

  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • Cryptography
  • Sensor Networks

Learnings from Failures

  • Better to make focus on weakness, but not upto the limit that you loose your strengths.
  • Consistensy and trust the process of doing
  • Believe in smiling face.
  • Keen observance.

Resume and Profiles